Graeme Pearce

I am a post-doctoral research fellow in the SFB, "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior," at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. I am working under the supervision of Professor Matthias Sutter and Professor Rudolf Kerschbamer.

My primary research interests lie in the field of behavioural economics. My most recent research has focused on social identity and discrimination. I am particularly interested in using field experiments to test behavioural hypotheses in market places.

You can download my full CV here.



Discrimination in a Deprived Neighbourhood: An Artefactual Field Experiment, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2017) vol. 141, pp. 29-42
with Brit Grosskopf
Funded by the Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory and the ESRC

Working Papers

Do you mind me paying less? Measuring Other-Regarding Preferences in the Market for Taxis, R&R at Management Science
with Brit Grosskopf
Funded by the University of Exeter Business School
Featured on RadioNZ
Link (pdf)
The Development of Social Preferences and Ethnic Paternalism, submitted
with R. Cobo-Reyes, J.J Dominguez, F. Garcia, B. Grosskopf, J. Lacomba, F. Lagos and T.X. Liu.

Work in Progress

Reputation and Advice: Political Correctness in the Laboratory
with Brit Grosskopf and Rajiv Sarin.
Evidence of Gender Based Statistical Discrimination in British Carvery Restaurants
with Brit Grosskopf.
Funded by the BA/Leverhulme Trust
Field Experiments in Credence Goods Markets
with Loukas Balafoutas, Christopher Bindra, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Daniela Glatzle-Rutzler and Matthias Sutter.
Funded by FWF
Gender and Bargaining
with Brit Grosskopf.
Funded by the BA/Leverhulme Trust